Happy new year Octopress!

So it’s been almost a full year since I started blogging. I only have 6 posts so far which is a little disappointing. My plan originally was to have a total of 12 by the end of the year. Oh well c'est la vie. Technically I still have a couple of weeks until it’s been a full year, so hopefully I can move closer to that number!

My little hosting plan is almost up so instead of renewing it and continuing with Wordpress I decided to give Octopress a try. I really hated battling the Wordpress RTE and spent way too much time on formatting instead of content. Sometimes I would decided not to write about something just because there’s so much effort spent on the non “fun” stuff.

Since I really, really, love Markdown I decided to move to Octopress mainly because of this and the fact that I can host on github for free! Thank you github!

My wordpress site will still be up until the end of January and I will move my domain allthingscraig.com to point to this new octopress blog sometime over the next few weeks.

Moving from Wordpress to Octopress was very quick and painless - granted I did only have 6 posts to migrate. If you are planning on doing this I recommend this blog post.

Special thanks to Thomas Frössman for creating exitwp which took me all of 5 minutes to install and migrate my posts to Octopress format.

This transition is still a work in progress since there is still lots left to do such as:

  • adding comments
  • adding a spell checker (Hopefully you didn’t notice! :P)
  • changing the theme
  • whatever I’m missing

I hope I do blog more this year. I enjoy writing down my thoughts and think it’s a great way to improve your technical writing skills as well as a great outlet when you don’t feel like coding.

Anyways Happy New Year Everyone! All the best in 2013 and happy coding!